Jamey Tate

Musician. Producer. Composer.


Today's music budgets and modern technology have made the ability to record remotely not only possible, but a real necessity. The Workshop offers high-end, professional recording on a budget. From drum tracking to acoustic piano, live tracking sessions or remote, The Workshop can handle it all. Contact us for rates and more info.


The Studio

The Workshop offers four separate spaces in which to record live sessions. A drum tracking room, a piano tracking room, the control room, and a small iso-space big enough for a vocalist or horn player. You can even expand into the actual "workshop" below for an additional space, taking the total to five.



An extensive collection of drum sets, snare drums, cymbals and percussion instruments to cover any sound or feel you need. Combined with Jamey Tate at the wheel, you can count on great sounding, well-recorded drum and percussion tracks for any type of project.



The Workshop boasts a Steinway B, seven foot grand piano. Living in its own room above the control room, complete isolation is never a problem. Juilliard trained and in-demand Los Angeles pianist, U-Jung Jung, offers the highest level of performance for your classical, film, and musical theater projects.